Islamic Society of Orangeville



Eid Mubarak

In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful, Eid Mubarak. ISO will be hosting Eid prayers on Sunday, June 24th. Prayer timings are as follows: 8:30 am (Takbeerat) 9 am (Prayer) Please note after Eid salaam will be a short Qutbah as is the Sunnat of the Rasool (SAW)


Quran Khatam And Iftaar/Dinner

Assalamualaikum. ISO invites everyone to attend Iftaar and Dinner on Friday, June 23rd. Following Khatam Quran Insha'Allah, ISO will honour the two Hufaaz who have dedicated their time for this noble task. May Allah be pleased with them. Jakallah Khair.

Prayer Times

  • Fajr 4:47am
  • Sunrise 6:13am
  • Zuhr 1:30pm
  • Asr 5:10pm
  • Maghrib 8:20pm
  • Isha 9:47pm

Eid Timings

Sunday: 8:30 AM (Takbeerat), 9 AM Salaat

Monday: 7:30 AM (Takbeerat), 8 AM Salaat


In The Name Of Allah,

Most Gracious,

Most Merciful.


By the grace of Allah, the Islamic Society of Orangeville consists of a community of Muslim individuals who have the mutual goal of establishing a Mosque, and Muslim organization in the city of Orangeville.  ISO intends to unify the Muslim population North of the GTA, and provide an effective means to meet, collaborate, participate, and most importantly Pray and worship Allah SWT.  The ISO team is dedicated to seeking out and establishing a permanent Musallah, and eventual Mosque.  During the year, the Muslim community in Orangeville and its surrounding cities have successfully hosted daily prayers, Jummah, Taraweeh, and Eid Salaat.  Subhanallah.

Contact Us

For further information, feel free to call us directly at the number below or send us a message using the form. Not a fan of forms? Email us directly below!

(519) 216-9418

288 Broadway, Orangeville ON